This question seems to be a never ending quagmire for those considering a quality home security system. Consider this, how do you control your TV, a garage door, your connection to the internet, or even your air conditioner? If you answered, a remote, you are a benefactor of wireless technology! Let’s consider hard wired applications, your TV, your garage door, your internet connection and your air conditioner all require a hardwired connection as well. My point, a home security system utilizing both modes of connection is what’s best!

Now that wired versus wireless is no longer an issue. What defines a good home security system? Consider your current living scenario, are you renting or in a temporary location? Here, you might want to opt for a complete wireless scenario. The wireless installation is faster, cleaner and portable. The portability of the system is probably the most attractive feature as you can take it with you when you leave. The trade off with wireless components they are a bit larger and obvious. Remember, hard wired connections are still necessary, connection to a receptacle for power and a telephone line for 24 hour monitoring.

You just bought a home or condo and you want a home security system. Consider this, the sensors and detectors for windows and doors utilizing hard wiring are less obtrusive than the wireless components. As an owner, you are always looking to increase the value of your purchase and what looks better is what is hidden. The wireless components are just a bit more bulky and obvious. A licensed security professional will “hide” the wiring and recess the contacts or sensors. A professional hard wired installation will clearly add to the value of your home. Even in this “hard wired scenario” I find the wireless smoke/carbon monoxide detectors still work great.

Many times we move into new homes and apartments and we inherit an existing security system. The security system manuals and maintenance records for the installed system are lost or unavailable and we don’t know what to do. Hiring a licensed security professional will help provide the manuals and aid you in evaluating changes you may want to incorporate. After evaluation, then wireless and/or a hard wired add can clearly be identified.

Budget, budget and budget, that’s what determines the design and subsequent installation of your home security system, the money you have available to spend will define what is hard wired and what is wireless. Your budget may define a certain level of security allowing you to add components at a later date.

Life safety devices whether hard wired or wireless detectors should always be installed in your home or apartment. Please incorporate these life safety components, smoke/CO detectors first in your design and installation. Please follow all necessary building codes and inspections with the authorities having jurisdiction.


Whether wireless or hard wired please be safe and protected!