We are particularly proud of our involvement on this project for the federal government.  This was Breen Electrical Contractors Inc.’s first GREEN PROJECT.  This project was designed to incorporate many of the green technologies that eventually qualified this facility at a LEED – Certified Gold Level!

We installed a lighting dimming system utilizing the Lutron line of dimming products.  Since the majority of lights were florescent we installed dimmable ballasts throughout.  The dimming was controlled by room lighting sensors which dimmed the lights according to the brightness of the sun.  Cooling and heating was accomplished utilizing geothermal technology.  Ground water pumps controlled by motor frequency drives fed constant 55 degree water into heat pumps and fan coil units for heating and air conditioning.  A very elaborate control wiring installation was necessary to control pumps, motors and fans to utilize the geothermal source of energy.  Finally, solar roof panels were installed to provide power to hot water heaters supplying water to bathrooms and an employee kitchen.

We also completed a FDNY approved fire system and installed the wiring for the computer LAN system, distributed video and telecom system.



HVAC system with temp controls and frequency Drives for motors


Geothermal heat and air with well points providing water from the ground.


Heat pumps for geothermal heating